The True Meaning and Significance of the FDA’s Approval of Epidiolex

 On June 25, the FDA approved the cannabis-derived drug, Epidiolex for treatment of epilepsy in children, as well as seizure disorders in adults who have drug-resistant epilepsy.

This FDA action created shockwaves of nervous excitement throughout the health care sphere. It certainly appears as a win for medicine in general, as well as for cannabis, hemp, and the greater natural medicine and nutraceutical spheres. 

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A Paramedic On the Moon

You are Evolutionarily Maladapted to your environment. Your genes don’t match what our environment is built to give us. This is true for all of us, until we consciously adapt. This evolutionary mismatch between our genes, lifestyle, and our environment, is one of the most significant root causes of most common health issues, and even cognitive and emotional challenges that are epidemic in our society. 

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An Evolutionary View of Acupuncture

…… I hypothesize that the fascial planes and its semiconducting connective tissue acts as a living, growing, self-directed antenna that accesses morphogenetic information via subtle electromagnetic fields to direct the embryological process. I call these “embryological reflexes,” because the changes this field creates seem to be an automatic or reflexive process similar to our deep tendon reflexes and other reflexes. 

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What Patients and Doctors Need to Know about the CBD Industry, Part 1

The incredible momentum developed by the cannabis industry in the United States, and in particular the closely associated high-resin, cannabinoid-rich hemp and cannabidiol market represents of the most exciting and important developments in the US health care sphere in the last 100 years. The incredible power and potency of the endocannabinoid system in in maintaining vibrant health is finally becoming clear. With that understanding, we can now legally and skillfully access the unparalleled ability for cannabinoid therapeutics to address difficult chronic pain syndromes and other diseases, as well as its significant ability to help us develop deep and resilient well-being.

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