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We'll be taking a deep dive into cannabinoid therapeutics.  

My signature course on the fully-integrated, holistic view of the endocannabinoid system. The most comprehensive course available anywere. Read more below! 

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Welcome to the Helix Institute for Health.

We're dedicated to offering unique, powerful, informative and inspiring courses for health professionals and the general public.

Our first course will be offered as a Live Webinar on July 18th--our Basic Cannabinoid Therapeutics course.

This courses and future courses and media offerings will explore all aspects of health and wellness, and with a special focus on cannabinoid therapeutics, including the common and most well known, THC and CBD.


Our first course offering is a comprehensive exploration of the following:


  • First and foremost, how to understand the endocannabinoid system, in order to understand how to use plant-based cannabinoids
  • How and when to use cannabinoid therapies
  • How to mitigate side effects, both short and long-term
  • How and when to combine cannabinoids with other plant extracts and supplements for better effects
  • What to look for when shopping for commercial cannabinoid products to use therapeutically
  • What are the characteristics, benefits, and risks of common cannabinoid extract techniques
  • What are full-spectrum and whole-plant extracts, how are they made, and why would you want to use them
  • What are CBD, THC and other cannabinoid single-molecule isolates, and when should they be used or not used
  • How can cannabis & cannabinoids help and hurt your sex life
  • When might a CBD product cause you to get high, or fail a drug test. 
  • What is the best way to use cannabinoid therapies for common disorders, including pain disorders, sleep, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more.
  • How to effectively titrate the dosage of cannabinoid therapies for greatest therapeutic effect, while minimizing side effects.
  • Finally, what the endocannabinoid system tells us about health in general, including implications for our diet, exercise, and lifestyles.

    I'll have two special expert guests on the webinar to present some ideas and answer questions:


    -A neurobiologist and chemist who will help explain the chemistry and pharmacology of cannabinoids, and how they can treat many disorders.


    -an MD who's having incredible success using cannabinoids in clinical practice


These topics and more will be explored in a free webinar on July 18th.  Subscribe to receive more information, and to join the webinar! 

Classes go live July 27! 

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